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Quest For Life

Quest For Life

An ebook, an interactive fiction, and maybe even a visual novel!
Responsible: Tiago


The book is based on spiritism. The main character will learn about it the hard way, and will be able to talk about life and death from several different points of view. As he progresses through the story, he will meet new characters who are willing to help him overcome the initial shock of waking up in the afterlife.


The goal is to:


I like all three of the goals, and it seems natural to go from one to another. I want to talk about spiritism in a different way so people who've never had contact with it may be able to enjoy it in a fun way as a game. For those who don't like games, there is still the ebook. (Tiago speaking here)


Feel free to read while I write. When I write on my cellphone, the changes go live as soon as I get near a wifi spot.

Warning: The preview is being updated as I write so you can expect the last part to be unformatted and full of grammatical errors. It will take some time for me to read it again and fix anything when I notice any errors.

Characters (SPOILER ALERT)

Here you can check the characters that will be in the story. If you don't like spoilers then please skip this part!


We are using leanpub to publish the ebook, as well as have a pdf/epub/mobi version of it.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

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